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Robbing the Ryan Pace Stagecoach

Jerry Jones could be out to trade down from No. 10 and the Bears are rumored to be possible trade partners, but moving up for a quarterback might require something better than the draft position the Cowboys have.

 The 2021 draft figures to be a fluid one for the Chicago Bears.

It usually is with GM Ryan Pace, who has been willing to bounce around, up or down, to get his players.

However, heading into this draft a word Pace has stressed is the team's willingness to "pivot" based on what happens day to day. 

This was the case in free agency and with the Russell Wilson trade attempt, and it will be the case as they ponder a move up to draft a quarterback. They'll have to be able to pivot on draft day if they want to trade up.

Moving up to No. 4 would cost far too much and leave too many lineup holes to fill in this draft. But a rumor from Tony Pauline of NFL Draft Network suggests Dallas is considering the possibility of moving down from No. 10, and the Bears are a potential trade partner.

It does make sense if Jerry Jones has decided the 10th spot is too early for one of the players he is considering, and wants to pick the pocket of whoever needs his 10th position. 

According to Cowboy Maven's Mike Fisher, Dallas' needs are cornerback, offensive and defensive line. If Patrick Surtain is taken already, then the cornerbacks available wouldn't be worth acquiring then. Taking one of the tackles then besides Penei Sewell of Oregon might be wasting the 10th pick, as well. Other reports suggest Dallas could even like TCU safety Trevon Moehrig and would really want to deal down, then.

So Jones might honestly be looking to trade down rather than simply fleece Pace like the 49ers managed to do in 2017 with the Mitchell Trubisky trade.

However, if the Bears want one of the top five quarterbacks it might require more than simply trading up to No. 10. It's likely to be a case where they must wait to find out what's going to be available to them after the ninth pick or moving up even beyond that point.

There could be several teams who might want quarterbacks between the 49ers with the third pick, so Dallas' 10th pick might not even solve the problem. 

If the Bears wanted to get one of those quarterbacks, they may need to be seventh or eighth rather than 10th.

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First, Atlanta might just decide it needs Matt Ryan's eventual replacement and the fourth pick offers them the best chance they'll ever have at finding one. In that case, there would be only one quarterback remaining.

Even if the Falcons opt for a different position, the Miami Dolphins, at No. 6, could do the same thing. There were reports in January that they lost faith in Tua Tagovailoa after only one season, but team officials have since shot those down.

Still, if this even had an inkling of truth to it, then the Dolphins could be among quarterback shoppers.

At No. 7, Detroit just got Jared Goff but there's no guaranteed they'd ignore quarterbacks. Goff had passer ratings of 86.5 and 90 the last two years after making his big jump up in production and playing in a Super Bowl. Mitchell Trubisky had ratings of 83 and 93.5 in the same two years and he's gone.

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The Denver Broncos almost certainly would take a quarterback at No. 9. They might even trade up, as well. The Carolina Panthers at No. 8 just got Sam Darnold — so they should want one, too.

In fact, if the Bears really wanted to trade up to get one of the top five quarterbacks, they should consider dealing with divisional rival Detroit. At No. 7, it seems extremely unlikely all five quarterbacks would be gone.

The Lions could use the extra picks no matter when or where they are in the draft. They have a lot of rebuilding to do all over the team.

Jerry Jones could be waiting there in the brush at No. 10 like some wild west outlaw hoping to rob the stagecoach, but Pace might need to change course before it even gets to that point.

The Bears have to be able to pivot, and the 10th spot is only one potential point to pivot to in the pursuit of a quarterback in the draft. 

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