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Time for Bears to Tread Lightly

Plenty of options and no one can be sure at this time of the year exactly what any team intends to do until it's actually done.

The Atlanta Falcons had said a while ago they were listening to offers for the fourth pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have reportedly fielded calls from those looking to trade down out of the 10th spot in the draft.

The Miami Dolphins have fielded calls from teams interested in the sixth pick.

All Lions writer Vito Chirco reported new GM Brad Holmes has had trade talk with other teams about the seventh spot.

"Yes, there have been (trade) discussions with other teams," Chirco reported Holmes as saying. "I will keep those in house, but yeah, there have been discussions." Vito Chirco of All Lions

Carolina has the eighth pick and is willing to trade down for more picks, according to NBC Sports' Peter King.

Now, even the Denver Broncos might be willing to trade down out of No. 9 even though everyone expects them to be interested in a quarterback to replace struggling Drew Locke. The reason for this is they might have interest in acquiring Teddy Bridgewater.

Basically, every team from No. 4 to 10 except Cincinnati has thought of going back to take advantage of teams trying desperately to get one of the fourth or fifth quarterbacks in Round 1. The Bengals have their own QB and seem less interested, as they have a few needs they'd rather address at No. 5.

There could even be teams behind No. 10 looking to go back for picks. Philadelphia at No. 12 seems willing to move all over the draft board and has already. The Giants are at No. 11 and GM Dave Gettleman has never traded back but there's a first time for everything.

All of this can only mean the Bears have been involved talking to all or some of these teams since they are known to be among the teams coveting a top quarterback. 

GM Ryan Pace is scheduled to speak with media Tuesday morning, although it's extremely unlikely he'll offer much about his plans in order to avoid jeopardizing a chance at moving up.

It wouldn't be surprising if the Bears had talked to every single team except possibly New England and Washington because they're also looking for a quarterback.

The Bears need to make certain who they can turn to for the trade up in case the right quarterback between Mac Jones, Justin Fields and Trey Lance starts to fall.

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It's simply a case of doing their due diligence.

None of this is unique. It doesn't mean the Bears are any more likely to move up more than move back. This goes on every single draft with all the teams earlier in the draft as they get a feel for what extra picks they could gather by going back.

It also goes on later and the Bears could actually be one of those teams looking to trade down then if the right quarterback hasn't fallen to them, and they think they'd like a shot in Round 2 at one of the next quarterback group.  This would be the group including Davis Mills, Kellen Mond and Kyle Trask.

It's just how this game is played.

Anyone saying they can read which quarterback in Round 1 is coveted by the Bears, or what they're going to do at this point by their prospect visits, or by something someone else said, is merely fooling themself or biting on subterfuge. 

Former Bears college scouting director Greg Gabriel summed it all up the best on Twitter:

And in between it all are the agents of players who are saying or using any possible angle to get their guy drafted earlier.

It's the time of NFL offseason for schemers, liars and spies. Trust no one and triple check everything you hear.

It's all a big game of Texas Hold 'Em and you have to love it all.

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