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Bengals march to National Underground Freedom Center, deliver message on racial discrimination

Bengals march to National Underground Freedom Center, deliver message on racial discrimination
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CINCINNATI — Bengals players, coaches, ownership and staff marched from Paul Brown Stadium to the National Underground Freedom Center. 

Center Trey Hopkins and quarterback Joe Burrow read a statement on behalf of the team:

 “As this country continues to see instances of racial discrimination and injustices, it is time for us to act. Together, as a unified front, we must identify, address and ultimately end those practices and policies that would deny liberty and justice to all, regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is time for us all to take a stand!

“It is each of our responsibility to effect change in our communities, not only for us but for those yet to come. We cannot turn a blind eye to the racism still experienced in this country. This is not an issue of politics but a fight for equality and life. If this nation is to ever reach the goals that it has promised its citizens, we must be catalysts for change.”

The museum is based on the history of the Underground Railroad. 

The team followed the statement by touring of the Freedom Center. They also attended an educational presentation that was given by President Woodrow “Woody” Keown Jr. 

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It's no surprise to see Hopkins and Burrow lead the charge. 

Hopkins spent 20 minutes with the media on Friday discussing social and racial injustice in America and how he and the rest of the Bengals organization planned on making a difference. 

Burrow has been outspoken about racial injustice and he's used his platform to help create change. 

The Bengals marched to the Freedom Center just one day after team President Mike Brown met with the positive community impact committee, which consists of 11  players, to discuss steps the organization could take to help the movement. 

"There are definitely plans in place," Hopkins said. "I’m encouraged to think that they’re going to happen very soon just by the quick turnaround from the Brown family and Zac’s incredible urgency in this... I feel like they’re about to take off very, very quickly."

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