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Joe Burrow downplays contract signing, ready to get to work

Joe Burrow is ready to get to work after signing contract with Bengals

CINCINNATI — Joe Burrow became a rich man on Friday morning. The 23-year-old finalized his four-year, $36.1 million contract with the Bengals. He will receive a $23.8 million signing bonus in the next 15 days. 

"It’s just a formality to me. I’m going to have to go out and earn that paycheck every single day. That’s the real part that I’m looking forward to," Burrow said. "I would say the feeling is relief. It’s been a long time since I got drafted. To finally step into the building was more of just…it’s about time."

That's not surprising to hear from the new Bengals signal-caller. People that have been around him regularly rave about his maturity. 

Burrow isn't going to touch any of his contract money from the Bengals, opting to leave it in the bank instead. He plans on living off of the income he receives from endorsements. 

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"I have a great marketing agency that sifts through all the requests for me," Burrow said. "I have some great partnerships right now, and we will have some more in the future, but I'm trying to limit it as much as I can this first year and just focus on ball."

Burrow was all business on Friday. The 2019 Heisman Trophy winner spent the offseason training in Athens, Ohio. He knows there will be growing pains, but he's doing everything he can to have a successful rookie season.

"No time to reflect. Full steam ahead," Burrow said. "Going into my rookie year I expect to play well and I expect to win a lot of games. If I look back now I'm doing myself a disservice and the team a disservice."

Bengals' rookies have started their strength and conditioning program. Veterans will join them on Monday after they pass their physicals over the weekend.