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Bills at Lions: 'I Like Our Odds!' Insists Detroit Coach Dan Campbell

The "lowly Lions'' currently sit in second place in the NFC North, and while they are a modest 4-6, they have won three straight. But here come the Bills ...
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"I like our odds.''

That is the position of Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell as his team prepares to host a Thanksgiving matchup with the Buffalo Bills.

Does he have any reason to "like his odds''?

The "lowly Lions'' currently sit in second place in the NFC North, and while they are a modest 4-6, they have won three straight.

Which is great. But ...

Buffalo is considered an elite team and has held that status for some time. The Bills are presently 7-3, with an established playoff pedigree and a loaded roster.

“I know there’s something to that,'' Campbell said when presented with the idea that the Bills represent a "measuring stick.'' "But (by) the same token, it’s another team, it’s another chance.''

Is there a "chance'' the Bills get upset here, even though Buffalo is a 9.5-point favorite? Of course. A "chance'' the Bills' weird weather-forced travel schedule - they escaped the Buffalo blizzard last weekend to travel to Detroit to beat the Browns in a "home game'' and now have this quick turnaround back to Detroit -  allows the Lions an edge?

A chance that the Bills might be overrated or overconfident ... and the Lions underrated?

Said Campbell: "I think any time you win in this league, you had to do some things right, no matter who you’re playing. It all comes down to the same things, you’re trying to give yourself the best opportunity to win a game. To me, if we can do that and we’re competitive and we come out on top by the end of this game, then we did things right.''

If quarterback Josh Allen's elbow isn't quite right, maybe that impacts what the Bills' usually-prolific offense can achieve. But Campbell thinks the QB is fine ... and still thinks what he thinks.

“If it is hurt, I don’t see it,” Campbell said. “I see the same old guy that can make plays, and he can hurt you.''

If Allen is "the same old guy,'' that logically spells victory for Buffalo. But Campbell - maybe just to demonstrate faith in his team, justified or not, is sticking by his philosophy.?

"We’re ready for whatever they throw at us,'' he said. If we play good, clean football, I like our odds.”

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