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'That S*** Get You Beat Up!' Bills Respond to Eli Apple's Tasteless Damar Hamlin Tweet

It was no secret what Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple was trying to do Monday on Twitter, and the Buffalo Bills took notice.

The Cincinnati Bengals have every right to celebrate their convincing 27-10 win over the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Divisional on Sunday.

But Bengals cornerback Eli Apple might've taken his smack talk a bit too far ... and the Bills aren't letting him off easy.

"Cancun on 3!" Apple tweeted Monday in response to tweets from Bills receiver Stefon Diggs.

While this type of talk wouldn't normally be deemed as disrespectful, Apple used the "3" as a pun aimed at recovering Bills safety Damar Hamlin, as he attached the "heart hands" emoji to the tweet as well. Hamlin, who has been recovering since suffering from on-field cardiac arrest against Apple and the Bengals on Jan. 2, has routinely used the "heart hands" sign as a symbol of hope and positivity during the course of his healing process.

It was no secret what Apple was trying to do, and the Bills took notice. Buffalo defensive end Shaq Lawson called Apple out on Twitter and reminded him to separate football from real life.

"You played a good game @EliApple but disrespect my boy @HamlinIsland situation that (expletive) get you beat up (for real, for real). Keep it on the field."

Diggs chimed in as well.

"Clout chasing," he tweeted.

Quickly after Lawson's tweet, Apple clarified that's he's in full support of Hamlin during his recovery and that he would never make fun of a life-or-death scenario. However, Apple's tweet remains up on his account as of Tuesday evening.

"All love thoughts prayers and concerns to @HamlinIsland as he continues to recover from that tragic incident. Never would I make light of that scary unfortunate scene. This game is truly a dangerous risk to our bodies mind and spirit. Nothing but love to all my football brothers."

Even after Sunday's postseason contest, the Bills and Bengals were still seen as two teams that were emotionally connected due to the near-tragedy that ensued on Jan. 2. Now, the two sides appear to be leaning toward hate rather than love.

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