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Bills QB Josh Allen Ready to Grow Up: 'I Have to Be a Jerk!'

Considering the boyish and gentle personality of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, being meaner this season will hardly be an easy transition.

Since entering the league, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has captivated fans with his unique and fearless style of play, all while displaying that lovable, boyish charm that makes him hard not to like. 

But as the leader of a Super Bowl contender and one of the faces of the NFL, Allen might soon be taking a page out of the Nice Guys Finish Last book. If the Bills want to get over their long-standing championship hump, Allen admitted his leadership style could use some changes.

"Understanding the weight of my words is a big key," Allen told CBS Sports. "I still feel like a kid playing a kid's game. I like to be loose, I like to have a lot of fun, but I understand there's times when I'm gonna have to be serious and gonna have to be kind of a jerk and try to demand the most out of guys."

Considering Allen's personality, this will hardly be an easy transition.

"That's sometimes tough for me to do because I do enjoy this game and playing this game," he said.

But you don't have to ask Allen twice if making this kind of sacrifice is worth it when the Lombardi is the end goal. This will be just one of the sacrifices he'll make this season along with changing up his physical and playground on-field style a bit for the longevity of team success.

Coach Sean McDermott has already "seen a different Josh" in more ways than one this offseason.

"I've seen a different Josh this offseason, not that it was bad before, but he's got a new sense of focus, I would say, and determination, which is good," McDermott said. 

This new-and-improved Allen will get his first true chance to show how he's evolved when the Bills kickoff their season against the New York Jets at MetLife on Monday, Sept. 11.

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