Will Myles Garrett Be Part Of Browns' New Kickoff Strategy In 2024?

Every team will have new strategies to take advantage of the new kickoff rules in 2024. Will Myles Garrett be a part of the Browns' plan?
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The new NFL kickoff rule is going to introduce a lot of new strategies for each individual team as they try to capitalize on what is set to be an incredibly exciting play.

It's going to look weird for a couple of weeks though. Kickers will be on their own 35-yard line and the ten men on the coverage team will line up in a straight line on the opposite 40-yard line. The return team will have their nine blockers in some formation between the 35 and the 30 with at least seven of those members having a foot on the 35.

When the ball is kicked, it must land between the 20 and the goal line. If the ball does not make it to the 20-yard line, the possession starts at the 40-yard line. Any kick that lands between the 20 and goal line must be returned. If it bounces into the endzone, the possession starts at the 20. If the ball lands in the endzone, the possession begins at the 30-yard line.

There are numerous intricacies but the summary of it is that returns are incentivised and the play is going to be incredibly exciting. The teams that take advantage of this new rule the best will have a leg up on the rest. So what will teams do?

Rumors around the league is that Justin Fields may be returning in Pittsburgh, Tyreek Hill might be down in Miami, Justin Reid in Kansas City could take over the kickoffs and Justin Tucker in Baltimore put on weight and started working on his tackling. So what will Cleveland do?

Kevin Stefanski joked in his press conference on Tuesday that Myles Garrett was one of the first to raise his hand to return the football. While in jest and Myles may not be the answer at kickoff returner, what Cleveland will do will be unique.

Pierre Strong Jr. has been seen getting the bulk of returns and Elijah Moore has tried his hand at returning kicks. Some of the top defensive players are on kickoff coverage because, unlike years past, the kickoff isn't a throw-away play. Rather, it will be the difference between winning and losing football games.

Special teams are an important third of the game. The Browns had elite kicking and punting games in 2023 and if they combine that with an elite return game, they will have the chance to win the special teams game every single week.

Anthony Moeglin


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