For Pete's Sake - Episode 3 - Wrapping Up the NFL Draft

The third episode of For Pete's Sake is out and focuses on the Cleveland Browns NFL Draft.
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Nicole heroically endured a slightly hoarse voice due to illness to power through because she was so excited to talk about the Cleveland Browns Draft Class and she couldn't let down her fans.

I open the show by shout out to our Belgian fans and explaining why their companies should sponsor us to reach them. (Corsendonk, we see you!)

We get into the draft largely focusing on the picks after Greg Newsome, because we talked about him quite a bit on the last episode, the night he was picked.

Nicole takes a few dignified victory laps regarding the draft in how she told me so even though she basically just asked me a question, which I answered.

We both explain why we are excited to see this defense come together with all the pieces Joe Woods now has at his disposal.

We disagree slightly on our approach to how we'd manage the offensive line depth the Browns have in light of the addition of James Hudson in the fourth round.

Both of us love Tommy Togiai and wish we knew more surrounding the accident and exactly what Richard LeCounte as a result. We also touch on Marvin Wilson, the undrafted free agent defensive tackle and why he could be a big addition for this team.

Nicole wraps up by giving a heartfelt message to all the moms who are fans of the Browns in light of the holiday.

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