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Kareem Hunt Carted to Locker Room With Calf Injury

The Cleveland Browns have been besieged by injuries this season and running back Kareem Hunt is only the latest, but his could be significant as it was a non-contact injury.

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt, who was playing with wrist and knee injuries, went down on a non-contact injury against the Arizona Cardinals where he immediately started grabbing at his calf. 

The best case scenario is that the Browns is some sort of calf strain, but it could be far worse along the lines of an Achilles' injury. The team has already announced that Hunt will not return to the game, which suggests it could be a serious injury.

The Browns entered the game without Nick Chubb and Hunt wasn't able to practice until Friday this past week as he tried to get some rest. He was able to produce in the game, even if it didn't come easily, but the Browns have 

With Hunt and Chubb, the Browns had arguably the best one-two punch in the league at running back. Chubb is an incredibly polished rushing threat with tremendous discipline and vision. Hunt was more chaotic, relentless, who would go as fast and as hard as he could every time he touched the ball. In the passing game, Hunt was becoming a more consistently utilized threat this year, which only helped improve his production.

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The Browns are already savaged by injuries but only reserve tackle Chris Hubbard had endured a season-ending injury. It's possible that Hunt could be joining him and if it is indeed an Achilles' injury, it could potentially be an issue in the 2022 season as well.

Hunt is under contract with the Browns next season as well, so if the worst happens, they still have him in the mix for next season, but it would be a difficult blow for a team that is already down so many players currently.

UPDATE: Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski clarified it was not an Achilles' injury and that it was specifically a calf injury.

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