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Baker Mayfield Re-injures Left Shoulder, Returns to Game

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has returned to the game after he landed awkwardly on his already injured shoulder. He spent time in the blue medical tent, but he back in the game.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield fumbled the ball in the third quarter against the Arizona Cardinals and landed awkwardly when he was tripped by J.J. Watt, which prompted the Cardinals pass rusher to immediately be concerned about the welfare of Mayfield.

Mayfield landed on the same shoulder he had already injured, suffering a partially torn labrum in his left arm. 

Mayfield did walk off and immediately went to the blue medical tent. After a brief evaluation, he came out of the blue medical tent and took some snaps. They would take him back into the tent briefly and has come back out once again.

He appears determined to stay in the game and keeping playing. The Browns were down 20-0 to start the game before the Browns were able to score a pair of touchdowns including a successful Hail Mary with the clock expiring at the half. The Cardinals did add another field goal in between, making it a 23-14 score at half time.

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Still in the third quarter, the Cardinals were able to mount a touchdown drive as a result of the Mayfield fumble, giving them a 30-14 lead.

It's still a two-score game, so the Browns can potentially come back. If it gets out of hand, it's possible the Browns could pull Mayfield out of precaution, but for the time being, he is getting ready to go back into the game and lead the Browns offense.

Mayfield tried to go to Odell Beckham Jr., who left the game with a shoulder injury himself on the drive on the first play.

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