Nick Chubb Responds to Claims He Took Money in College

In response to allegations that he took money while attending the University of Georgia, Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb took to Twitter to address the situation.
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Cleveland Browns running has denied the taped accusations that he took money returning to the University of Georgia for his final year.

In a recording obtained by The Big Lead, the controversial high school coach Rush Probst talking about specific tactics he says the Universities of Georgia and Alabama use to get money to recruits, he mentioned that Nick Chubb took $180,000.

It's not clear Probst knew he was being recorded and the point of what he was saying wasn't really aimed at Chubb, but using him as an example, pointing out the methods he says those two SEC schools used to ensure recruiting success.

Chubb is denying the report, noting that if he wanted money, he could've simply gone pro. And as it has been four years since the payments would've happened, it could be extremely difficult to prove. Other than potentially protecting the university and his own honor, he has no real reason to deny taking money at this point. The penalty he would face would essentially being nonexistent. It might be a temporary ban from the university, but it's not as if he can go out and play for them now.

It's to be determined if any of this has any legs that will lead to any meaningful investigation of either university's athletic department. Probst mentions bag men among other things which could be easier to prove, but still wouldn't really impact Chubb, It could impact both universities now.

The fact that Chubb addressed this report at all is notable and surprising.

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