High School Coach Claims Nick Chubb Was Paid in College

Rush Probst, an infamous and controversial high school head coach in Georgia was caught on tape making accusations about payments made to recruits at both the University of Georgia and Alabama including Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb.
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Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb received payments in the form of donations to the University of Georgia according to Rush Probst, a controversial high school coach in Georgia. As reported by Ryan Phillips in The Big Lead, the donations totaled $180,000 when Chubb decided to return to college for his final year.

Probst's accusations were caught on tape and largely focus on how he alleges the University of Alabama and University of Georgia are paying athletes through their donors. Chubb is used as an example.

If proven true, which is going to be incredibly difficult, Chubb would be ineligible to play for the University of Georgia, which would be difficult for him as he's preparing for his fourth season in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns.

Maybe some people view him differently, but as opinions shift on the belief that college athletes, particularly in sports that earn money should be compensated anyway, it likely won't matter.

The larger accusation here is about how two of the most powerful recruiting schools in the nation are alleged to be paying recruits.

Probst provide significant detail about what he's alleging. Nevertheless, given his controversial past, the first thing likely to happen is his credibility will be attacked. And that may be enough to bury these accusations.

Probst's own history makes it easy to disbelieve him. He infamously revealed a secret second family and was accused of headbutting a player. In fact, Probst is currently under investigation now with his current job.

Nevertheless, it's not a huge leap for most people to believe any major program is compensating players in one way or another, so it will be interesting to see if this has any legs.

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