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First Case Filed Against Houston Texans for Enabling Deshaun Watson’s Alleged Actions

Attorney Tony Buzbee announced that his office has filed the first lawsuit of possibly many, against the Houston Texans for their alleged role in enabling Deshaun Watson.

The Houston Texans are no longer in the clear. After the possibility of the Texans being sued for their alleged enabling of Deshaun Watson’s actions, attorney Tony Buzbee has filed the first lawsuit against the franchise.

Watson recently settled with 20 of the 24 accusers in total. The league is set to begin their hearing to hand down any discipline this week, which will give the Browns a hint to what their season will be like.

Browns Deshaun Watson’s Disciplinary Hearing to Start Tuesday

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Buzbee believes that there will be more lawsuits filed against the Texans and that this will not be a one-and-done situation with them regarding cases. The Texans are accused of providing a place for massages to happen, as well as providing non-disclosures.

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