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New Orleans Police Issue Warrant for Odell Beckham

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham has been issued a warrant by the New Orleans police for simple battery after he was seen slapping the butt of a police officer on video.

Odell Beckham certainly had an eventful night watching his LSU Tigers defeat the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship on Monday. In addition to the fact that Beckham is involved in an investigation from LSU over handing out money to players after the game, New Orleans police have issued a warrant for Beckham after his butt slap of a police officer in locker room of the Super Dome was seen on video, according to a spokesman for the department.

The warrant is for simple battery it's clear as day that Beckham did what he is accused. Police had entered the locker room initially because the LSU players were smoking cigars, which is illegal in the Super Dome. Officers threatened to arrest players if they didn't put the cigars out. Players initially thought they were kidding, but as also shown in the video, they were quite serious.

It's unclear how severe a penalty Beckham would face for this offense, but he obviously did it and is unlikely to fight this on any level, trying to get it taken care of as simply and painlessly as possible.

Beckham's Tigers won a championship, but he's now involved with multiple issues stemming from his actions after the game.