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BREAKING: Miami Dolphins punished for impermissible contact with Tom Brady

Tuesday hasn't been fun for the Miami Dolphins after the results of an NFL investigation were made public.

The Miami Dolphins will have to cough up a 2023 first-round draft pick and a 2024 third-round draft pick after the NFL investigation into their contact with Tom Brady found that the organization violated the integrity of the league. According to the investigation, the Dolphins had impermissible contact with Tom Brady not once, but twice.

The report states that the Dolphins not only had illegal contact with Tom Brady while he was still under contract with the New England Patriots, but also while Brady was under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during and after the 2021 season.

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The initial contact with Brady, while he was with New England, appears to have centered around him just coming to play for the team. However, once with Tampa Bay the Dolphins took it a step further looking to add Brady as a limited partner in the team, possibly serving as a football executive and even perhaps becoming the team's quarterback.

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Early this offseason there were reports that the Dolphins and Brady both had an interest in uniting with one another. Those same reports said that the Dolphins may have contacted Brady prior to him signing with the Buccaneers. Both sides adamantly denied the claims. At this point, it has been proven through the NFL investigation that the claims were in fact true. 

For the Dolphins this hit does not change a lot for them although it does hurt losing draft picks. As for the Bucs and Brady, this should not affect them in any way and should just be a thing of the past.

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