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Kyle Trask will have a shot to compete for Buccaneers' backup quarterback spot

Bucs’ HC Todd Bowles says Trask will get a shot to become Tom Brady’s backup.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected QB Kyle Trask out of the University of Florida with the 64th overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

After a successful senior season that brought with it early Heisman hype, Trask was drafted as a potential developmental successor to Tom Brady.


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About a week ago, comments surfaced of Buccaneers’ QB coach Clyde Christensen on his thoughts on who will be the Bucs’ backup QB to Brady this upcoming season.

It’s clear that Christensen still believes Trask has a ways to go before becoming even a No. 2 QB for the team. 

The one thing he did not say however is that the Bucs wouldn’t give him a shot to earn that spot, rather than he just needs more development.

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During Phase 2 of the offseason, Todd Bowles spoke with reporters in regard to the QB situation heading into OTAs and training camp.

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“There’s competition everywhere, so there will be competition at that spot as well,” Bowles said, “(Gabbert) finished the season at No. 2. We like Blaine. Trask is going to get his chance to play and compete and if he’s better, he’ll be No. 2. If he’s not, he won’t be. But he will have a chance to compete. He knows that, and everybody knows that.”

It’s evident that HC Todd Bowles isn’t going to make any decisions before both backup QBs get their respective shots to prove that they have what it takes to be the Bucs’ No. 2 QB.


At this point, I wouldn’t even expect us to have an answer until after preseason games when both Gabbert and Trask are expected to get heavy snaps.

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