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Tom Brady calls out LeBron James for ice hockey challenge

LeBron James did a Q&A via Twitter in which the two greats went back and forth on a challenge prompted by Tom Brady.

Late Monday night, LeBron James took to his Twitter to do a quick Q&A with his followers. James answered many questions about who his favorite NBA player under 25 is (Luka Doncic) if he still plans on playing with his son Bronny in the NBA and the most surprising question coming from the best QB ever Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady.

This event would be an interesting one as neither Brady nor James are coveted for their talents in the rink, however, both are two of the best athletes to play their respective sports. LeBron thinks that he has the edge over Brady though when it comes to who would actually win a hypothetical ice hockey shootout.


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Both Brady and James have played well after their supposed primes at an extremely high level, but it appears LeBron is not going to take any chances when it comes to trying to shoot a puck on ice!

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The best part of this exchange is that Brady's current hometown hockey team, The Tampa Bay Lightning, got in on the interaction as well.

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It seems like all parties want to make this happen, but I think there is a better chance we see Brady take on LeBron in 'The Match' rather than an ice hockey shootout.


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