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NFL Makes Verdict on Potential Punishment for Tom Brady

The NFL came down with it's findings for the Miami Dolphins' tampering efforts for Tom Brady. Per source, Bucs' quarterback Tom Brady will not face any punishment from the tampering.

On Tuesday it was announced that the NFL concluded it's investigation of the tampering charges surrounding the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were shown to be in cahoots with current Buccaneers' quarterback Tom Brady before he joined the team and then also during and after the 2021 season.

The Dolphins were docked a 2023 first-round draft pick and a 2024 third-round draft pick. On top of that, their owner was fined and suspended for the actions of the organization. After the report was released, questions on whether or not Tom Brady would face any penalty or punishment began. We now have an answer.

BREAKING: Miami Dolphins punished for impermissible contact with Tom Brady

According to NFL league spokesperson, Brian McCarthy, Brady will not be facing any type of punishment when it comes to the tampering between the Miami Dolphins and himself.

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On the outside looking in most would believe both sides would or should receive a punishment, but it seems the NFL saw more wrongdoing on the part of the Dolphins' organization than that of a single player in Brady.

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The news is a sigh of relief for Bucs' fans as they gear up for another run at a Super Bowl for what could be Brady's final season with the team.

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