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Saints defensive player calls out Tom Brady on Twitter

New Orleans Saints' S CJ Gardner-Johnson thinks Tom Brady is 'doing anything for clout' in his recently viral hole-in-one video.

Tom Brady is good at pretty much anything he does and that has even translated over to the golf course. Yesterday, Brady posted a video of himself making a hole-in-one in preparation for 'The Match' in just under a week.

Many thought it was an amazing shot as well as video. However, one New Orleans Saints' player did not think so much of the viral clip.

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Gardner-Johnson, who is entering his fourth season with the Saints, is way off here. In my opinion, Brady is just doing typical Brady things while having some fun while doing so.

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This does not constitute clout chasing or "doing anything for clout" as Gardner-Johnson likes to put it. Clout chasing is actually defined as "when someone does and says things for the sole purpose of becoming more popular." Clearly Brady does not need more popularity as he is one of the world's most popular athletes and figures.

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It is pretty clear that Gardner-Johnson is looking to get at Tom Brady with this, which would not be the first time. During a previous matchup, Gardner-Johnson decided to approach Brady and taunt him.

Things may have worked out for him in that moment and game, but Brady has the edge when it matters against the Saints. With 2 matchups on the calendar in 2022 expect there to be a bit more fire under Brady's belt and for him to target Gardner-Johnson just a tad more than usual.

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