Report: Tom Brady Inquired About Each Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie

Tom Brady was fully invested in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft, making himself available to each pick shortly after the event wrapped up.
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Late last week, Buccaneers rookie quarterback Kyle Trask shared that Tom Brady was quick to reach out after Tampa Bay selected him in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Turns out, Trask wasn't the only rookie on Brady's mind.

According to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, Brady asked Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht for the phone number of each player Tampa Bay selected in the draft, the day after the event concluded. 

This might seem traditional, in the sense that a team's starting quarterback should probably get to know his new teammates sooner rather than later. Brady, with seven Super Bowl rings in his collection, may not need to feel as obligated as the typical quarterback to do so - but instead, he did so immediately. 

Breer went on to share a conversation he had with a Buccaneers team official from when Brady signed with Tampa Bay in March 2020, regarding Brady's influence over not just the present but the future of the organization.

“The standard has just risen,” Breer was told. “What [Brady] brings is going to be, obviously, extremely valuable. But what he leaves behind, whenever that is, hopefully it’s more than two years, is equally as valuable.”

It would appear that the official is getting their wish, as even small gestures like this can make a positive impact on a team's culture. In addition to bringing Trask along as his eventual heir at quarterback, Brady's quickness to connect with his new teammates is not something that any of those young players will soon forget. To Trask, it "meant a lot" to hear from Brady, and the other rookies surely feel the same way.