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Tom Brady on Josh Allen: "Josh really hasn't backed much up on the football field"

Some fun banter before ‘The Match’ on June 1st.

There has been plenty of fun trash talk throughout the last week ahead of ‘The Match’ that will entail four superstar quarterbacks on the golf course competing on June 1st. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are teaming up against the young stars, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. These tournaments have brought a ton of entertainment for football fans and gold fans and has also been a nice gesture for by all competing to help in charity efforts. 

Although this seems like just a fun little getaway tournament for these four, there is still a lot of competitive drive between all of these quarterbacks, no matter what field or course they are on. Definitely when you have Brady in the lineup. 

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On Wednesday afternoon during 'The Match' press conference, Brady took a nice decent jab at AFC quarterback, Allen. Greg Auman from The Athletic caught it all.

Brady definitely took a nice decent shot there at the young quarterback but it may have been for a good reason as it seems like he was responding to Allen's comments he made earlier in the week...

Allen joined the PGA Championship mega cast over the weekend and spoke about his upcoming competition with the Buccaneers' quarterback. 

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“I don’t want to (upset) anybody too much,” he said, “but I want to get under Tom’s skin and force Tom to make some bad putts.”

Allen then spoke about how his game plan will be with his teammate, Mahomes, and their dedication towards taking down Brady and Rodgers, no matter who's playing better that day.

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“Tom and Aaron, they want to be the one to make the shot,” Allen said. “I don’t think they’re going to be too pumped when the other one makes a putt. As far as me and Pat goes, we’re going to be excited for each other making putts, as long as we are making putts. I think Aaron and Tom are going to have a harder time playing together than me and Pat.”

In a video posted Tuesday by Brady, the Bucs' quarterback said during the press conference his hole-in-one shot was indeed real and not fake. 

This is most certainly going to be an entertaining couple of hours with four NFL MVP caliber quarterbacks going at it. You'll be able to watch the tournament unfold broadcasted on TNT on June 1st at 6:30 PM EST.

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