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Troy Aikman, Joe Buck offer their opinions of Tom Brady as an NFL Analyst

Former duo for FOX Sports NFL broadcast has high praise for Tom Brady in his next venture as an NFL analyst.

With the recent report that Tom Brady signed a 10yr/$375 million deal to join Kevin Burkhardt and FOX Sports as their lead NFL analyst once he retires, many sports icons and personalities expressed their thoughts on the move.

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Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson, went on record saying that he believes Brady will do an excellent job as an NFL analyst.

Another Hall of Famer who currently has a role as a sports TV personality, Shaquille O'Neal, defended the massive deal Brady reached saying that he more than deserves the contract he is getting.

Now, renowned commentators Troy Aikman and Joe Buck both relayed similar messages in a conference call relating to how Brady will do in the booth.

“As far as Brady, would anybody ever bet against the guy being great at anything?” said Buck. While it would be a steep learning curve for Brady, Buck said Brady will be fantastic as analyst. “I tend to root for everybody right on down the line. I genuinely feel happy for him,” he said.

Aikman echoed Buck’s position, saying “there’s no reason to think that he won’t win at this.” “I have nothing but respect for Tom. Tom has won at everything he’s done in life,” he said, adding Brady hasn’t taken any shortcuts when it comes to his playing career, and in broadcasting as well.

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I completely agree with everything that all of these idols have said about Brady moving on to being an analyst following his eventual retirement.

As they mentioned, Brady has been nothing but successful in every venture that he has taken on - i.e. his deal with Under Armor, the creation of TB12, and now his newly formed brand BRADY.

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We can expect nothing but greatness from the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, so why start doubting now?

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