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Chargers News: Taylor Swift Rival Annoyed By Travis Kelce Romance Prior To KC-LA

The multiplatinum songstress has become the The multiplatinum songstress has become the story of the 2023 NFL season.

Taylor Swift, who along with Beyonce is probably the biggest musician on the planet right now, seems to be headed to Los Angeles this weekend for your LA Chargers' matchup against her beau, eight-time Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce, and the rest of his reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift, who has sold 114 million album units worldwide and has a new recording of her bestselling record to date, "1989 (Taylor's Version)," set to drop suspiciously close to when her romance with Kelce began (one week from today), has been such a focus on Kansas City game broadcasts of late that it even prompted a "Saturday Night Live" skit lampooning the phenomenon. Swift also has the No. 1 movie in the nation, "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour," which looks poised to secure a second straight stint atop the box office this weekend.

The surprise Swift-Kelce romance has become the premiere story of a still-developing 2023 NFL season, and it seems to be rubbing at least one of Swift's pop music peers the wrong way. Kelly Clarkson spoke with "SNL" cast member Bowen Yang about both the skit and the Swift-Kelce relationship in a fun new sit-down.

“[It’s] not hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now,” Clarkson remarked. “[NFL commentators are] just talking about gossip things... And you’re like, ‘So, what about the play?’”

Clarkson made sure to clarify that she remains a fan of Swift's tunes, but just would prefer to see a bit of a separation between church and state in this instance. 

“We’ve all been a fan of her music. She’s a great writer, so many great songs,” she gushed.

When the 5-1 Chiefs host the 2-3 Chargers on Sunday afternoon, the odds will be stacked heavily in Kansas City's favor. Beyond that, though, the Chiefs are far and away becoming a massive ratings bonanza, currying favor from prior non-NFL fans. Is it time for a Justin Herbert-Selena Gomez romance to goose ratings, perhaps?

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