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Cost of Fifth-Year Option For Chargers LB Kenneth Murray Revealed

How much does Kenneth Murray's fifth-year option cost?

The Chargers have an offseason full of questions looming ahead, including a decision to be made on linebacker Kenneth Murray.

With Murray's third NFL season in the books, the Chargers must configure whether or not they want to pickup the fifth-year of Murray's rookie contract.

All first-round picks from the 2020 NFL Draft, have fifth-year options within their rookie deals that clubs can exercise if they choose to.

The Chargers selected quarterback Justin Herbert with the No. 6 overall pick and Murray with the No. 23 overall pick. Herbert is eligible for a contract extension this offseason, and is far more likely to play on a mega deal that locks him in with the franchise for the foreseeable future, rather than playing out the remainder of his rookie contract.

For Murray, his fate with the club hinges on the team wanting to commit to a fifth-year beyond the 2023 season. The deadline to pickup the fifth-year option follows the NFL Draft, which means decisions must be made prior to the first week of May.

The NFL released the value of each fifth-year option, giving teams the dollar amount of how much compensation they would be taking on. The values are dependent on the position each player occupies, paired with play time and Pro Bowl accomplishments.

For Murray, he's accrued three NFL seasons and has not made a Pro Bowl. That puts his price tag for the fifth-year option set at $12.722 million.

No matter the team's decision, Murray will still be under contract through at least the 2023 season. Not exercising the option means Murray would hit free agency in 2024 unless another contract is worked out with the club.

The Chargers have picked up the fifth-year option on seven of their last eight opportunities to do so with Jerry Tillery's being declined last year.

Murray's coming off a season in which he made 16 starts, recording 76 tackles, seven tackles for loss, one sack, one interception and one forced fumble.

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