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Chargers News: Austin Ekeler Faces a Bit of a Dilemma Upon His Week 6 Return

The star running back is gonna have a tough week on the fantasy field.

Chargers star running back Austin Ekeler is slated to come back against their Week 6 opponent, the Dallas Cowboys.

While Ekeler is ready to get back on the field, he is a little hesitant about how his performance on the field may hurt his fantasy football team. 

Ekeler is a huge fantasy football guy and loves drafting himself when he gets the chance, but due to his dual-threat nature and coveted position, unless he has a high draft pick, he will be playing against himself some weeks of the regular season.

Ekeler fully embraces the challenge and relies on the team he built to help fight the uphill battle that his on-field performance sets him back.

Scoring 26.4 points in PPR format in Week 1, his team will most likely be facing a big uphill battle, which he believes they can overcome.

In more Chargers news, the return of Ekeler will be very much needed, especially with injuries that have happened since he's been gone, most notably Mike Williams being out for the year.

Ekeler will help bolster the passing game, always being a threat out of the backfield, and will open up the run game for himself and Joshua Kelley, who struggled in his month as the starting running back.

The Chargers take on a formidable opponent in the Dallas Cowboys, who will most likely try to rebound after the embarrassing 42-10 loss on Sunday Night Football against the San Francisco 49ers. 

Ekeler's return greatly helps the chance that the Chargers come out of a bye week with a win and move the win streak up to 3 games.