KC Chiefs NFL Draft Grades: Kingsley Suamataia Earns High Marks at No. 63

BYU offensive tackle Kingsley Suamataia seemed like a great fit for the Kansas City Chiefs, but do the Chiefs deserve straight-As for the selection?
Feb 3, 2024; Mobile, AL, USA; National offensive lineman Kingsley Suamataia of BYU (55).
Feb 3, 2024; Mobile, AL, USA; National offensive lineman Kingsley Suamataia of BYU (55). / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
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The Kansas City Chiefs traded up one spot to select BYU offensive tackle Kingsley Suamataia at No. 63 overall in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft, adding a high-upside player at a position of need. How good was the value and how excited should Chiefs fans be about Suamataia? The Arrowhead Report on SI.com crew reacts and grades the pick.

Mark Van Sickle: There were some people who thought Kingsley Suamataia would be taken at the end of the first round, so for the Chiefs to get him at pick 63 seems like great value. He started at right tackle for 12 games and left tackle for 12 games throughout his college career and should be a nice piece for Andy Reid and Andy Heck to work with over the next several years. His ceiling can be as a starting left tackle for the rest of Mahomes' career if he pans out the way the Chiefs want him to.
Grade: A

Jordan Foote: Mark, I was one of those people! Nevertheless, it makes this selection nothing short of a slam dunk. While Suamataia has some work to do before being a starter-level tackle in the NFL, he has all the intangibles to make it work and his film is littered with good examples of his upside. That, combined with the pick slot and his youth (he just turned 21 in January), is tremendous. Wanya Morris can still win the outright job and not make anything look less favorable for Suamataia, or Suamataia can give KC immediate impact from a rookie left tackle. It's a win-win on top of the value itself.
Grade: A+

Zack Eisen: Kingsley Suamataia is a first-round talent and the Chiefs got him in the late second. That’s a massive win. I believe in the Andys (Reid and Heck) and their ability to develop him and turn him into the long-term starter at left tackle for Kansas City. This is a home run pick, as this was a player that the Chiefs were considering taking at 32.
Grade: A+

Joshua Brisco: Not only did the Chiefs get great value and a great fit, they didn't overpay to land a player they coveted at a position of extreme need. That exact sentence is just as true for Suamataia as it was for Xavier Worthy on Thursday night. I'm curious to see if the Chiefs still look to re-sign veteran left tackle Donovan Smith for one more year, but left tackle will be Suamataia's job before long if the Chiefs can even begin to hone his talents.
Grade: A

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