Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Aware Of Impact In #StrongerTogether Video

Tucker D. Franklin

There are many words and superlatives used to describe Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. "Unaware" shouldn’t be one of those.

As Mahomes appeared in the #StrongerTogether video from a coalition of black NFL stars on June 4, he created a sense of urgency for the league to respond.

In a video conference with reporters Wednesday, Mahomes said he knew the importance that his presence could lend to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Yeah, I’m definitely aware,” Mahomes said. “I’m aware of everything, aware of my surroundings, aware that coming off of a Super Bowl championship and being the quarterback of a Super Bowl-winning team, but I’ve always believed in people. And I’ve always believed that when people do things together and do things for the right reasons and have a good heart when they do it, that things get done and change happens.”

One thing Mahomes is trying to do together with the Chiefs and teammate Tyrann Mathieu is a voter registration drive.

As the movement begins to grow and shift from words of support to actions, Mahomes said if people can unite, change is imminent.

“That’s how I’ve grown up – like I said in my statement – I’ve grown up in a locker room, so I’ve seen how people have come together and strive for a certain goal and to go do things,” Mahomes said. “I believe that if people have the right intentions and the right heart and can come together, they can really affect the world and make it a better place.”

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