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Colts Investigating Potential Tampering Involving Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts are reportedly looking into the possibility of any wrongdoing by the Washington Commanders, who showed interest in former quarterback Andrew Luck last offseason.
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After nearly four years, the name "Andrew Luck" continues to materialize on the underbelly of NFL quarterbacking searches, and this time it could come with some consequences.

According to ESPN's John Keim, the Washington Commanders even checked into the possibility of adding Luck as their quarterback while looking to fill the position last offseason.

"They didn’t feel the same urgency they did last offseason, when they called every team that might have a quarterback available," Keim wrote. "They even phoned about retired Andrew Luck, just in case."

The news that Washington looked into Luck was fresh to the four-time Pro Bowler's former team, the Indianapolis Colts. Most notably owner Jim Irsay, who had a stern warning for any team attempting to contact Luck or his representatives.

"If any NFL Team,attempted to contact Andrew Luck (or any associate of him)… to play for their Franchise - it would be a clear Violation of the League’s Tampering Policy," Irsay tweeted on Sunday evening.

The Colts are now reportedly doing their own digging on the situation to see if there was any wrongdoing on the Commanders' part.

"A Colts source said the team is unclear about the nature of the conversations, but it is seeking to learn more about what exactly transpired and whether any tampering occurred," wrote ESPN's Stephen Holder.

Since abruptly retiring in 2019, Luck has repeatedly shot down rumors that he could return to the Colts or any other team. However, he's remained an intriguing option because he came into the NFL in 2012 as a generational quarterback prospect, and the last time we saw him play in 2018 was arguably his best season.

In that first year under then-head coach Frank Reich, Luck won the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year award after going 430-of-639 passing (67.3%) for 4,593 yards (7.2 YPA), 39 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions for a passer rating of 98.7.

Even more impressive was Luck putting up those numbers after sitting out all of the 2017 season recovering from an injury to his throwing shoulder. Not coincidentally, that type of rigor from the game is what caused Luck to walk away in the first place, as the recovery from injuries became too much.

Recently, we've seen the consequences that confirmed tampering allegations can bring. For example, the Miami Dolphins had to forfeit their first-round pick in this year's draft for an infraction, and the Arizona Cardinals surrendered a couple of picks to the Philadelphia Eagles as well.

Irsay has been outspoken about other misconduct of Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, who is in the process of selling the team. So, if something such as this Luck situation, that directly affects Irsay and the Colts, is a possibility then expect the Colts to do all of their due diligence in investigating.

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