NFL Analyst Predicts Colts to Have a Top Offense in 2024

The Indianapolis Colts have the potential to conclude 2024 with a top-tier offensive ranking.
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (5) runs the ball, during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (5) runs the ball, during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. / Clark Wade/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Indianapolis Colts are approaching the 2024 season with a renewed sense of excitement in year two of Shane Steichen as the head coach. Also, explosive quarterback Anthony Richardson has finished rehabbing his season-ending shoulder injury and looks poised to improve from a promising rookie showing despite just four games played.

In a recent article from, Gennaro Felice predicts which offenses will finish in the top 10 for scoring in 2024. Felice also includes a 'signature strength' and 'worrying weakness.' Felice's topic for both when discussing Indy is the obvious choice, the future of the Colts franchise. He begins with the strength being Richardson's incredible upside in a Steichen-led offensive scheme.

Yep, I’m bringing some spice at No. 10. Or am I? Steichen’s offense scored the 13th-most points in the league during his debut season with the Colts -- and that was with backup QB Gardner Minshew taking 85 percent of the snaps! Now his hand-picked signal-caller is back in the fold. Given the immense growth Jalen Hurts experienced with Steichen as his offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, it’s impossible not to get swept up by Richardson’s potential under the cunning coach. 

Gennaro Felice | Deputy Editor -

Steichen and Richardson are joined at the hip, in a sense. Given Steichen's understanding of exploiting defensive weaknesses, a quarterback of Richardson's talents is a dream come true. If Steichen was able to punish the opposition with Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, there is no reason he can't continue that (or do better) with a healthy Richardson leading an offense full of young talent.

With weapons to utilize in the passing game like Michael Pittman Jr. and Josh Downs, Richardson can help Indy's offense take flight. Also, Quenton Nelson leads a vastly improved offensive line to protect Richardson in the pocket and help open lanes for superstar Jonathan Taylor. It's not farfetched to imply Indy could take the NFL by surprise and finish in the top 10 for offensive scoring.

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But, as Felice points out on the other side of this argument, Richardson has to stay healthy. Regardless of how annoying it is at this point, without Richardson on the field, Steichen's scheme becomes far less impressive.

There’s no question Richarson is one of the most impressive physical specimens we’ve ever seen at the quarterback position, but I kind of wish AR himself didn’t know that. He plays with such reckless abandon at times, and it takes a real toll on his body. That’s why his rookie season lasted a grand total of 173 snaps before he landed on IR, with injuries sidelining him during three of the four games he played and a concussion causing him to entirely miss a fifth contest. Unfortunately, this isn’t anything new: Richardson missed significant chunks of time due to injuries in college and high school. 

Gennaro Felice | Deputy Editor -

Richardson was limited to only four games played in 2023 and suffered multiple injuries in that span. The tough part for Richardson is that his physical attributes and insane athleticism are what make him so scary to face defensively. If he dials this back or tries to focus too much on avoiding injury, it could hamper his play style and the overall operation of Steichen's plan.

The good news for Richardson is he has a year under his belt and has experienced enough to know he must adjust. The offense is set up by the rushing attack and running back Taylor, so if Richardson isn't healthy and Joe Flacco is under center, defenses know that Flacco isn't running with the ball. This will force Steichen to be more creative even if Flacco can hit the deep ball on a dime. It also drops the success rate of the aforementioned receivers and could make life tougher on the offensive line since Flacco can't escape the pocket with ease if a pass-rush gets through.

For Richardson, he knows he has to play more carefully. After watching his team miss the 2023 playoffs from the sideline, Richardson is ready to prove the doubters of his health wrong. With a new breath of fresh air in the atmosphere and hopes high for Indianapolis, it will be exciting to watch what Richardson has learned from his short career heading into the 2024 season.

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