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Colts' Playmaking Trio Ranked Inside Top 15 By CBS Sports

A new quarterback and two promising offensive pieces has CBS Sports relatively high on the Colts' offensive triplets.

Adding a potential Hall of Fame quarterback to two All-Pro caliber offensive weapons can only be a good thing for the Indianapolis Colts' offense, right? 

CBS Sports seems to think so, ranking the Colts' offensive triplets trio of Matt Ryan, Johnathan Taylor and Michael Pittman Jr. as the No. 15 trio in football, which is a significant improvement over the rankings in 2021 with Carson Wentz at the helm, in which the Colts ranked No. 23 overall. 

The slotting in at No. 15 means the Colts have the AFC South's best triplets overall, based on the rankings. Houston's trio of Davis Mills, Marlon Mack and Brandin Cooks ranked No. 29 overall. Jacksonville's trio of Trevor Lawrence, James Robinson and Christian Kirk ranked No. 23 overall, and Tennessee's trio of Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry and Treylon Burks ranked No. 19 overall. 

Ryan, a well-respected quarterback across the league who certainly has a Hall of Fame resume, will bring stability to the Colts' offense, and should open up some of the Colts' playbook under head coach Frank Reich and offensive coordinator Marcus Brady, which will only do wonders for Taylor on the ground and Pittman Jr. through the air. 

"It appears our crowd thinks Ryan's down season was a result of the infrastructure around him in Atlanta, and not a steep decline in his own ability. At least, that's what I'm reading into this," CBS Sports' Jared Dubin writes regarding the Colts' ranking at No. 15 overall. "The Colts had a very narrow range of rankings, with basically everyone considering them an approximately league-average trio. With perhaps the best running back in the league and a wide receiver who showed great strides in Year 2, there is potential for more if Ryan rediscovers his prior form."

It might sound a bit harsh to be considered "league average" but that is simply based off of the rankings overall, not the actual talent the Colts possess in their trio. 

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Taylor is arguably the best running back in football, while Pittman Jr. showed he has what it takes to be a true No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL last season, hauling in 88 passes for 1,082 yards and six touchdowns for the Colts. 

With Ryan in the fold, the offense should be much improved, as should the numbers for Taylor and Pittman Jr., which should improve the trios rankings ahead of the 2023 season. 

Have thoughts on where the Colts rank in CBS Sports' offensive triplets rankings? Drop a line in the comments section below letting us know how you feel! 

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