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Washington Sale: 'Bad for Cowboys, Great for Commanders' - NFL Analysis

The Washington Commanders are changing hands from owner Dan Snyder to Josh Harris, and that will make all the difference.
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The Washington Commanders, after years of controversy with owner Dan Snyder, are being sold. The team's purchase by Josh Harris and company begins a new era of hope in Washington.

That hope is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys should fear.

Cowboys analyst Jon Machota joined 106.7 The Fan on Friday and remarked how solid the move is for Washington ... and how bad it is for the rest of the NFC East.

“I’ve done a ton of interviews, and when people want to talk about that sale, I tell them that this is bad for the Cowboys. If you’re a Cowboys fan you want Dan Snyder to own the Commanders forever," Machota said.

Machota went on to detail how new ownership might not make the Commanders a top-10 team in the NFL overnight, but "getting away from what they've been has to be a huge positive."

And this makes perfect sense. Snyder's off-field antics made a mockery of the organization, critics so often said, devaluing the Commanders' historic place in professional football. People outside of Washington struggled to take the Commanders seriously. ... and so did D.C. fans.

“D.C. is a phenomenal sports fan base, but there have been so many games over the last decade where no one is there, even against a big rival; the last thing you want is the Commanders getting back in this thing, and all of a sudden, it’s the clear best division in football. You (if you're a Washington foe) want them to stay down!” Machota concluded.

But with Harris in and Snyder out? The rabid fanbase seems ready to reignite, and the Commanders - as a franchise and maybe as a football team - are a sleeping giant.

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