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Good Look: Washington Players Comment on Future of Team Name and Uniform

Speculation, opinion, and excitement from members of the franchise, on the future of the team name

Soon enough the Washington Football Team will be a part of the past, and a new chapter of football in the DMV will begin. 

We don't know how it will turn out of course, but we do know a little of what's going through the minds of the men who will wear the new threads starting in the 2022 NFL season. 

"People are going to feel some type of way, whatever the name is," said star wide receiver Terry McLaurin when he met with the media on Monday. "But at the end of the day, I just hope it's something we can rally around."

McLaurin is right. Already, there are those demanding one name or another, and even some members of the fanbase threatening to jump ship altogether if they don't individually approve of the new branding. 

Of course, the franchise can't make everyone happy, and not even each member of the organization will necessarily like the new name or logo. It's just impossible to make this many people happy all at the same time. 

There's nothing wrong with having an opinion of course, and punter Tress Way has his own about what's to come as well. 

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"Definitely dig that 'Commanders' vibe," Way said. "That just sounds like D.C."

Way was also a fan of Red Hogs, or Redhogs, being the new name, and pointed to keeping the 'HTTR' around using that. 

He was also in favor of 'Admirals', a naval military-themed brand that would have very clear ties to the D.C. area itself.

Deion Sanders once said, 'Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good." 

Washington defensive tackle Jonathan Allen told media on Monday the new jerseys look, "Phenomenal."

If so, then some winning should be just around the corner.