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Blame Game: Congress, Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Pointing Fingers While Public Waits

As posturing between the two sides continues, neither is looking any better

With NFL franchises like the Washington Commanders more globally relevant than ever, it appears no scandal is big enough to take it or the league belongs to, down.

Still, as Congress continues to wage its battle with Commanders owner Dan Snyder on a very public stage, the business and political leaders of the free world look no better in this light than the fictitious rap group did at the end of "8 Mile" starring Eminem. 

Go ahead and drop a daub down, anyone who had 'Eminem Reference' on their Dan Snyder drama bingo card.

The latest jab thrown in the war of words between our government and Snyder was apparently sent to NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay, via text on Monday evening.

"Mr. Snyder has not refused to appear for a deposition," the text read according to Finlay who tweeted that it came from a spokesperson for Snyder. "The Committee offered only one date - June 30 - and Mr. Snyder's attorney is out of the country and unavailable on that date. Mr. Snyder's lawyer has provided alternative dates to the Committee and looks forward to finding a path forward for Mr. Snyder's further cooperation and to address remaining due process concerns."

On a side note: Is 'I'm out of the country' the new coughing into the phone to get out of something you don't want to do?

While I make light of something that really is a particularly unsavory display of leadership and accountability, my doing so also sheds light on the depths this situation has really gotten to. 

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No longer are we discussing the very real people who, allegedly, have had their privacy, bodies, and right to a constructive workplace violated. 

And while nobody is going to feel a whole lot of empathy for the other billionaire NFL owners Snyder is accused of ripping off, they too are victims if all of this proves true. 

Instead, the story has morphed into a twisted dark comedy centered around equally untrustworthy characters doing their best to cast the other in such a dingy light they themselves somehow come out of the muck just a little bit cleaner. 

And somehow, it's the politicians who most agree are trying to do the right thing. 

Caught in the middle of it all is the product the Washington Commanders produce: Football. And the men and women striving to do so at an elite level.

Speaking of which, did you hear the team extended receiver Terry McLaurin? That's good news. 

A little bit of which is good to have sprinkled between the latest letter, statement, social media post, or early evening text to a member of media that further inches along this marathon of mismanagement and corruption - allegedly.