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Commanders Owner Dan Snyder: The Worst, 'And It's Not Even Close'

Some strong words for the Commanders owner.

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has a long list of items people hold against him. 

It's led to a strong downturn in the support for his football franchise and has caused damage to the NFL brand, although on a smaller scale admittedly. 

Washington Commanders Helmet, 2022
Washington Commanders

It's gotten to the point now where there are groups of people who actively anticipate bits of bad news in hopes that the next revealed misdeed will be the straw that ultimately tips the scales and Snyder is removed from the once-proud franchise. 

And when it doesn't, well, more angst and further depletion of the brand value burgundy and gold once held. 

While this latest development isn't news, but more of a proclamation and further example of just how far down into the pits we've gotten with Snyder, the Washington owner has been dubbed the single worst sports owner of all. 

"He's the worst owner in sports," are the words that appeared in a recent column published by USA Today. "As a team steward and as a person, and it's not even close."

Of course, this is just the latest barb thrown in Snyder's direction tangled with the many accusations involving sexual misconduct, harassment, financial acts involving denying profits from fellow NFL owners and money owed to fans, and more. 

And as said as it all really is, it may be financials that get him in the most trouble, despite all the other evidence stacked against him as he continues to bear the title of "worst owner in sports."

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Over the weekend another USA Today report stated one of the other 31 team owners told the site, "We are counting votes."

This means the time for Snyder to be forcibly removed could come into focus if 24 other owners vote to do so.

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Dan Snyder 2019 © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Dan Snyder © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly enough Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, may be an ally to Snyder. 

Despite the fact their teams are bitter rivals, the two men themselves enjoy a long-standing relationship stemming from Jones' mentorship of Snyder. 

Let's hope Jones isn't the source for all of Snyder's behavior. 

Of course, in the club of billionaires, financial betrayal can be viewed as the worst of them all. 

And might add other NFL team owners to the ever-expanding list of those who have cemented Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder as the worst of them all.