Dak Prescott's passer rating vs. 2024 opponents from worst to first

The 2024 NFL schedule was released, reminding fans that we are one step closer to the NFL season. Here are the Cowboys' opponents ranked based on Dak Prescott's passer rating against them.
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Dak Prescott may be the talk of the media this offseason because of the uncertainty about his future in Dallas. However, Cowboys fans can be confident knowing that these rumors have zero effect on Prescott. For Prescott, this off-season is strictly about business and getting himself and the team ready for their 2024 opponents.

The Cowboys' schedule is difficult on paper, but it looks a little easier based on Prescott's performance against each of the team's 2024 opponents throughout the years.

Here is Dak's passer rating against each opponent from worst to first.

14. Houston Texans: 69.0 Passer Rating

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Dak Prescott has a 1-1 record vs. the Texans, averaging 246 passing yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions per game.

13. San Francisco 49ers: 82.6

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Including the postseason, Prescott has a 2-3 record against the 49ers, with averages of 218.4 passing yards, 1.6 touchdowns, and 1.2 interceptions.

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Prescott has a 2-1 record vs. the Saints and averages 236.7 yards, 0.67 passing touchdowns, and 0.67 interceptions per outing.

11. Philadelphia Eagles: 100.6 Passer Rating

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Prescott holds a 9-4 record against the Eagles with an average of 261.7 passing yards, 1.85 passing touchdowns, and 0.62 interceptions per game.

10. New York Giants: 100.9 Passer Rating

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Prescott has dominated the Giants with a 12-2 record throughout his career, with averages of 263.9 passing yards, 1.93 passing touchdowns, and 0.57 interceptions.

9. Atlanta Falcons: 102.4 Passer Rating

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Prescott has played four games against the Falcons, winning three. He averages 287.5 passing yards, 0.75 passing touchdowns, and zero interceptions. It is worth noting that Prescott has six career rushing touchdowns vs. the Falcons.

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8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 103 Passer Rating

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Including the postseason, Prescott is 3-2 against the Buccaneers. He is averaging 256.4 passing yards, 1.6 passing touchdowns, and 0.4 interceptions every time he steps onto the field against Tampa Bay.

7. Carolina Panthers: 104.5 Passer Rating

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Prescott is 2-1 when playing against the Panthers with averages of 182.3 passing yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

6. Washington Commanders: 106.6 Passer Rating

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Prescott holds an 11-2 record against the Commanders, averaging 241.9 passing yards, 2.08 passing touchdowns, and 0.38 interceptions.

5. Cincinatti Bengals: 117.9 Passer Rating

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Prescott defeated the Bengals in his only matchup against the team in 2016 with 227 yards, 1 passing touchdown, and 0 interceptions.

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4. Detroit Lions: 118.6 Passer Rating

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Prescott has an outstanding 5-0 record against the Lions, averaging 292.6 passing yards, 2.2 passing touchdowns, and 0.2 interceptions in the Cowboys' wins.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 121.7 Passer Rating

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Prescott is 1-0 against the Steelers. He faced off against the AFC juggernaut during his rookie season and threw for 319 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

2. Cleveland Browns: 122.1 Passer Rating

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Prescott is 1-1 against the Browns, throwing for an average of 374.4 yards, 3.5 touchdowns, and 0.5 interceptions.

1. Baltimore Ravens: 127 Passer Rating

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Dak Prescott won his only game against the Ravens, throwing for 301 yards, 3 touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

Cowboys fans should be excited about the Cowboys' 2024 opponents. Prescott has over a 100 passer rating against 11 of his 14 opponents and a losing record against just one. Prescott has the opportunity to improve his passer rating against the Texans, 49ers, and Saints throughout the year.

Dallas will kick off its 2024 campaign on Sunday, September 8, on the road against the Cleveland Browns. Tom Brady will be making his broadcasting debut for the game on FOX.


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