Cowboy Roundup: How Trevor Lawrence's new contract impacts Dak Prescott

The latest Dallas Cowboys news for Friday, June 14.
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As we wrap up another busy week, the pressure is on the Dallas Cowboys more than ever to decide what their plan will be moving forward with Dak Prescott after Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to a five-year extension worth a whopping $275 million.

If a deal isn't reached by the beginning of the season, Prescott will become an unrestricted free agency in the offseason and a bidding war will ensue.

And as we see, contract numbers are skyrocketing.

While we get ready to head into the weekend, let's check out some of the headlines from around Cowboys Nation that we may have missed.

How Trevor Lawrence's new contract impacts Dak Prescott

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Blogging the Boys takes a look at how Trevor Lawrence's new deal will impact Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

Bypassing the argument of whether or not Dak Prescott is worth this or that, we’ll go on an assumption that the Cowboys believe Prescott is worth signing to a new deal. If we assume/believe/whatever-you-want-to-say this is the case, then there is no question that waiting and dragging the process out is costing them money. We can debate whether Lawrence is better than Prescott, but does anybody believe Lawrence is better than Joe Burrow to use the bar he just reached? Of course not, for those who want to have arguments in that way.

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