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Twitter Therapy: Cowboys Fans as Stressed as Bengals in Postseason?

Over 7,000 tweets from Dallas fans earned them the second spot on the 'most stressed fans in the playoffs' list, even after their season ended in round one.

Dallas Cowboys fans may not have had much to stress about during the regular season, but playoffs proved to be a whole other ball game.

Following its regular-season campaign Pickswise continued its analysis of more than 100,000 tweets, but this time to assess which fans were the most stressed during the the playoffs.

In less-than-surprising news Cowboys fans were near the top, finishing second. All that stress for just one game.

We know that we don't have to relive the less than electric offense that played in the Wild Card loss to the San Francisco 49ers, mostly because you tweeted out all of your frustrations. 

Over 7,000 tweets from Dallas fans earned them that second spot on the "most stressed fans in the playoffs" list.

And we aren't talking generic tweets, either. 

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Fans of 'America's Team' tweeted terms that made them seem "stressed, angry, or disappointed," a total of 7,484 times during the postseason. 

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bosa dak sack sf

'Ahendo10' tweeted his frustrations with a meme, in response to the Cowboys tweet to the final score of the wild-card game. 

Where did fans of Super Bowl LVI participants land? 

Los Angeles Rams fans don't seem to have too much to stress about, and it makes sense; they are the first team in NFL history to play in a conference championship game and Super Bowl in their own stadium. That home-field advantage clearly has their fans relaxed, because they landed sixth on the list of 14 teams, with only 5,851 'angry' tweets. 

Cincinnati Bengals fans on the other hand, aren't handling the success very well with their 8,874 "stressful" tweets earning them the top spot on the list. That's what three, one-score wins in the playoffs will do to a fan base. 

We have a feeling both those numbers will increase this weekend, though, as both teams play for the title, and their fans a chance to call themselves fans of the Super Bowl LVI champs.