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Source: 'Jamal Adams Wants Trade To Cowboys'; Dallas Tops 7 Desired Destinations

'Jamal Adams Wants Trade To Cowboys,' A Source Tells; Dallas Is Tops Among His 7 Desired Destinations
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FRISCO - Disgruntled New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has asked for a trade and has reportedly given the Jets his seven desired destinations - with the Dallas Cowboys at the top of the list, a source tells

"He wants to be traded to the Cowboys,'' said a source close to the situation.

Adams officially requested permission to seek a trade from the Jets on Thursday, the reason being the All-Pro's feeling of betrayal over a contract extension he feels was promised him. ESPN reports that there are seven teams on his wish list, Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas.

A common theme? All seven are something the Jets have not been: contenders.

Adams, 24, and eligible for a massive contract extension that the Jets have essentially pledged to give him, has often expressed his dissatisfaction with the Jets' lack of commitment. The standout safety and Dallas native has done so in the form of a number of social-media posts, such as:

*“I can’t even get my first proposal that they said they would send over in January,” Adams wrote. “I was called ‘selfish,’ though! A lot of talk, no action.''

And ...

*“Maybe it’s time to move on.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the Cowboys have not been in contact with Jets officials or with Adams' representative. Stay tuned there. Let's acknowledge, though, that:

*Contract extension talks between the Jets and Adams are more than just “at a stalemate''; given that Adams was under the assumption they'd start in January, sources tell us there is increasing animosity and distrust between the two sides.

*The Jets say they wish to retain Adams, but he feels "betrayed,'' sources tell, because they haven't yet given him an extension, despite that fact he has two years left on his deal, a salary of $3.5 million for 2020 and $9.9 million in 2021.

*The Jets recently told him they wanted to make sure he's "all-in'' before doing a new deal — and Adams, a three-year pro who has made two Pro Bowls, one All-NFL team, is the Jets captain and is there best player — found that off-putting.

*At some level, New York is willing to entertain trade offers - albeit at the high price of a first- and second-round draft pick.

I don't care what they say publicly; I know this to be true. And last October, New York fielded trade offers, with Dallas dangling a first-rounder and Anthony Brown in trade (The Michael Gallup rumors this time around are Twitter-based and do not come from inside the stadium).

Adams is eventually in line to be the highest-paid safety in football, around at least $15 million annually. has suggested that he might take less — or peacefully accept a delay — should he be traded to Dallas. And I stand by that.

And now, while the Cowboys have whispered about this being a "back-burner issue,'' Jamal Adams is trying to change that - by putting Dallas at the front of seven desirable burners.