NFL Draft Trades? Cowboys Getting Calls On No. 10 Pick

With little time until the 2021 NFL Draft, things are starting to heat up for the Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys are in a solid position heading into the opening night of the 2021 NFL Draft next Thursday -- one that could see them move back in the draft, should a compelling offer come along. 

'Where we sit, we're starting to get a few calls," Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told 105.3 the Fan's K&C Masterpiece on Monday afternoon. "And It'll only pick up as we get closer to next Thursday."

Sitting at No. 10 overall in a deep draft, Dallas should have some top-notch choices by the time they are on the clock, whether that pick is on the defensive side of the ball, along the offensive line, or somewhere else.

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That is unless another team, such as the Patriots, Eagles, Washington Football Team, or even another suitor, attempts to trade up to the Cowboys spot to chase their own franchise-changing star.

"It's really just starting to pick up," Jones said. "I'm sure up at the top it's hot ..."

With the amount of franchise-changing talent at the top of the draft, especially at the quarterback position, and given the distinct possibility one of those quarterbacks could fall to the Cowboys' range, the Joneses could be set to take advantage of the demand in this year's class, and still find a way to land a top player, both in terms of talent and need - by trading back.

So what would it take for one of those teams to move up? And would the Cowboys even listen?

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History says yes, and If you ask Jones, it may just depend on who decides to put the most chips on the table. 

"They kind of (say), 'Hey if our guy is there we would be interested in moving up to the pick?' and may want to even want to throw out a few things like, 'What would it take?' and those types of things," Jones said. "So you start to get your self in a mode where you're prepared that a particular team could call if their player is there, whether it's a quarterback they're after, whether it is an offensive lineman or a defensive player, they won't divulge that usually, which shouldn't surprise you, but they do say 'Hey we've got a player or two or three that if they're there we might be willing to be aggressive and give you something to move up to that pick."

The idea of New England (at 15) and Chicago at (20) as move-up candidates for QB may be in play. It also matters who is available to Dallas at 10 - and whether a bundle of players they like - Penei Sewell, Rashawn Slater, Patrick Surtain, Jaycee Horn? - could still be had by a trade-down ... or whether a player close to them in caliber could still be had.

A rumor (that we're chasing) has Dallas talking to Detroit at No. 7. That suggests that a trade-up cannot be ruled out. But sources suggest to us that Jones' comments about "calls'' are mostly about teams trying to swap up to 10.

The first round of the NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, April 29 at 7 pm, where the Cowboys will be waiting to see if and when another team wants to chase their next franchise player.

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