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Odell Beckham Jr. to Cowboys? ESPN 'Analyst' Explains Why Dallas Should NOT Sign WR

ESPN's latest "hot take''? The opining that Odell Beckham Jr. is the "last thing" that the Dallas Cowboys need.
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FRISCO - Here is what we've come to know about Chris "Mad Dog" Russo and his often awkward on ESPN: His accomplishments, his following and his salary notwithstanding, he is proving to be "The Worldwide Leader's'' least knowledgeable personality when it comes to Dallas sports.

And that is saying something.

His latest "hot take''? He is opining that Odell Beckham Jr. is the "last thing" that the Dallas Cowboys need.

"The LAST thing the Dallas Cowboys need is Odell Beckham!'' Russo said while positioned next to the entertainingly ignorant Stephen A. Smith. "You bring Beckham in, you bring all sorts of distractions to the party."

There is of course no way to disprove this theory, and given OBJ's reputation as a diva, this theory has a justifiable foundation. Putting aside for a moment his knee rehab (hopefully all is good) and his contract wishes ($20 million APY?), Beckham is one of the most theatrical athletes of his generation, and just a year ago whined his way off the roster of the Cleveland Browns and onto the roster of the eventually Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams.

All of this is well-established.

But the Cowboys (readying for a Thanksgiving meeting with another Beckham suitor in the Giants) think this view of OBJ is, at the least, passe. Given the deep resources of ESPN - or, hell, just given their access to Google - Smith and Russo could have easily learned of the depth of research that's been done since Oct. 24 regarding, among other things, Beckham's character.

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From the front office to the coaching staff to the scouting department to the locker room, the Cowboys have - we will admit, shockingly - failed to unearth detractors among the people who know and have worked with OBJ.

ESPN is not obliged to agree with that view. But its "analysts'' - especially in light of the rave reviews Beckham received in L.A. as he contributed to that championship - should at least be aware of it.

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