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Pitts To Falcons, Not Cowboys - But NFL Draft Gives 'Warm Weather Wish'

Kelly Pitts, the father of top of draft prospect Kyle Pitts, says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has "something up his sleeve that's going to shock everyone.'' But the TE is going to Atlanta
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys have effectively shut down the idea of a massive NFL Draft trade-up for the Megatron-talented Florida tight end Kyle Pitts.

But that doesn't mean the Pitts family had to shut down dreaming. ... at least about warm weather.

Kelly Pitts, the father of top of draft prospect Kyle Pitts, told Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer before the draft that he believes Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has "something up his sleeve that's going to shock everyone.''

Of course, just when you think Mr. Pitts might truly have some secret insight into a connection between the Cowboys and his son, Kelly added, "I'm nobody's dummy ... I don't want to go anywhere it's cold. I've been living here (in Philadelphia) 30 years and ... I'm ready for some pure heat.''

So Dad's viewpoint on his son's future destination might be in part fueled by Dad's desire to move into the Sun Belt. And indeed, Kyle Pitts has been chosen by Atlanta with the No. 4 overall pick.

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Jones' virtual meeting with Pitts was highlighted by the owner saying, "Man, what a pair-up we could do with ol' Dak Prescott and some of those guys that we've got out there with options to get you the ball. 

"So we can dream of visions and sugar plums around here."

But to the Cowboys' front office, it was only going to a dream. Jones and the Cowboys, who hold the No. 10 pick in the first round of Thursday's NFL Draft, were unwilling to pay the ransom it would take to move way up, and view it as unlikely that Pitts would slide to 10.

Mr. Pitts is surely aware of all this, which is why his comments also include this line: "That's just my personal opinion. Doesn't mean a lot."

But the Falcons' opinion does matter. And Kyle Pitts is going to Atlanta.

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