‘The Triplets’: Where Does New Cowboys Trio Rank in NFL?

A great quarterback. A great running back. A great wide receiver. Triplets. It seems the 2021 Cowboys have ‘em.
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Many NFL fans became aware of the NFL concept of “The Triplets” as a result of the Dallas Cowboys’ 1990s Super Bowl success featuring future Hall-of-Farmers Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.

A great quarterback. A great running back. A great wide receiver.


The 2021 Dallas Cowboys … might be right there.

CBS is ranking all 32 “triplets” in the NFL, and the Cowboys fare extremely well, being judged as employing the third-best trio of quarterback, running back and wide receiver in the league. 

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Only the Packers and the Chiefs stand above Dallas.

The article by Jared Dubin of CBS Sports, makes quite an issue of …

*Dak’s ankle surgery - but as we have been reporting since February it really doesn’t seem like much of an issue at all.

*The idea that Amari Cooper could be pushed in the wideout pecking order by both CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup (the point is better-made by simply mentioning Lamb)

*Ezekiel Elliott keeping his job in part because of “Jerry Jones' ego and love for marketing” - the sort of clichéd take often written by out of town guys who really don’t know those involved.

There are no real arguments here for ranking the Cowboys higher; to be in the same discussion with groups led by QBs Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes is heady stuff … especially as the Chiefs have been in two straight Super Bowls and the Packers have been in two straight conference championship games.

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The real story in Dallas, though, might not be just about comparing Dak, Zeke and Amari with their contemporaries, as lofty as that all is.

In Dallas, If you play those three positions you are compared to three of the greatest who’ve ever done it. There is a tradition here about “The Triplets.” … and if somehow you end up doing it as well as Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin… You end up being the best in the NFL.

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