Should Dak Have A Bigger Say In Cowboys Decisions?

“I trust the people around here that have those titles and have those positions to do what they need to,” Prescott says
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FRISCO - Does Dak Prescott need - or want - a bigger say in how the Dallas Cowboys do their football business?

Such a notion is, after all, very much in vogue now in the NFL, where headlines and storm clouds gather over Seattle, Green Bay and Houston because of conflict regarding the issue of QB power.

“I trust the people around here that have those titles and have those positions to do what they need to,” Prescott said, waving off the idea that he needs more front-office pull. “And I feel like they do ask me and bring me into the loop on things when they feel like they should.''

And there is the key: With subtlety and without storm clouds, Dak Prescott already has a voice that is listened to, all the way up to the Jones family.

Listen closely over the years and you will note Jerry and Stephen Jones referring to Troy Aikman, Tony Romo and now Dak as, essentially, business partners. That is the nature of the leadership position at QB - and it's also the result of paying Prescott $160 million in his new four-year contract.

There are issues in other NFL cities with exactly how to do this. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has made noises about wanting to get out because he wants a bigger voice in the playbook. Aaron Rodgers perpetually feels unloved by Packers management and seems steadfast in his trade wish. Deshaun Watson feels betrayed by Texans management as it fudged on its pledge to include him in front-office hirings, and along with his legal limbo, wants to escape Houston.

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"I don’t want to ever begin to compare what’s going on here in Dallas and how we handle things to other organizations,'' said Prescott, who is busying himself with his successful “pretty much full-go'' rehab following 2020 season-ending ankle surgery. "We have a great relationship.''

Prescott is the highest-paid player in franchise history. That's a good start to a "good relationship'' with the front office. Does he "deserve'' to have a voice in game-plan choices and even roster decisions?

It's not an issue in Dallas, as it is elsewhere, because Dak Prescott, to his satisfaction, already has that voice.

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