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Irvin Endorses CeeDee Lamb as New Cowboys 88 - With A Hall of Fame Future

‘True Bred’: Michael Irvin Joins Dez Bryant, Endorses CeeDee Lamb as New Dallas Cowboys No. 88 - And Suggests the Rookie Will Have A Hall-of-Fame Career
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FRISCO - “The 88 Club” has a new member in CeeDee Lamb, as was first to report on Thursday. And on Friday? Lamb received an official welcomed to “The 88 Club” by one of the greatest to play the game. 

“In order to get this number you must be what we call a ‘true bred‘ - that means born, bleed and bred right here with the Dallas Cowboys,” Dallas' legendary Michael Irvin said on a call-in to ESPN. “Drew Pearson was that. Michael Irvin was that. Dez Bryant was that and now CeeDee Lamb is that . And I love this kid.”

Irvin again stressed his level of affection for the NFL Draft first-round received from Oklahoma.

”I ain't talking about ‘I like this kid,' - I love this kid,” said  Irvin, who is following up Bryant's Thursday support of Lamb entering ‘The 88 Club.” 

“I usually call all the young wide receivers but before I could do that, CeeDee Lamb called me. We've had multiple conversations and I love the kid, he's going to be exactly what Dallas needs and he's that solution to all the problems everyone else will give us. 

“And he'll get Dallas where they need to be.”

Irvin, a Hall-of-Famer himself, also thinks Lamb has a great destiny ahead of him.

"He will be balling,” Irvin said. “Sooner or later, if CeeDee does what he do. He'll be there, too (in Canton). Drew should be there, too. They did him wrong. And we're working on that. ... That's the calling card when you come into ‘The 88 Club.’ And CeeDee Lamb, step up son, you're in ‘The 88 Club.”