Dez Bryant Offers 'Great' Reaction To Cowboys Giving 88 To CeeDee Lamb

Dez Bryant Offers 'Great' Reaction To the Dallas Cowboys Giving Jersey No. 88 To Rookie CeeDee Lamb
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FRISCO - 'Be you and be great.''

Those are the words of encouragement issued by Dez Bryant in the Twitter direction of CeeDee Lamb, the latest Dallas Cowboys receiver to join "The 88 Club.'' on Thursday morning broke the story that has Jersey No. 88 being given to new first-round pick. CeeDee Lamb.

A week ago, following Lamb’s NFL Draft first-round selection by the Cowboys, the Oklahoma receiver told 105.3 The Fan he’d be “rockin’ No. 10.” But a bit later, owner Jerry Jones waxed romantically about the fact that a beloved old Arkansas teammate of his, the late Jerry Lamb, had worn 88 with the Razorbacks.

And as always, in Dallas there is the tempting “88 Club” tradition. Drew Pearson wore it and became a Hall-of-Fame-level star. Later, Michael Irvin wore 88 on three Super Bowl championship teams on his way to Canton. And most recently, Dez Bryant wore 88 as he rose to stardom and became the franchise’s all-time leader in TD catches.

Now, per two sources, the number will be worn by rookie wideout Lamb, the 17th pick in the draft. ... a move that is meant to be an honor, but one that brings with it heightened expectations - all the way up to the owner.

“We’re going to have his namesake come on here and wear ol’ No. 88,” Jones said over the weekend, connecting the two Lambs. “Just like Michael and Dez and those guys, we’ve got us a wide receiver. And let me tell you one thing: if CeeDee’s got the ‘competes’ and the heart of that Jerry Lamb, he’ll be bad to the bone.”

Of course, it also signals something for Bryant, who is working toward an NFL comeback and has harbored hopes that could happen in Dallas, where he wore 88 so proudly.

"I can’t feel no way but (to) be supportive of Lamb and the rest of these young stars entering the league,'' Bryant tweeted. "I believe it’s my job to help them succeed as much on and off the field.''