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Tyron Smith 'Would've Loved' to Sign With Cowboys, Reveals Thoughts on Jets Move with Aaron Rodgers

Tyron Smith 'Would've Loved' to Sign With Dallas; Cowboys Ex Reveals Thoughts on New York Jets Move with Aaron Rodgers
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FRISCO - “I would’ve loved to have stayed home in Dallas,'' All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith said on Friday night in noting the news of his move via free agency from the Cowboys to the New York Jets.

And in short ... the Cowboys didn't love him back. Not enough, anyway, to match the Jets' bargain offer of a one-year deal that while billed as "up to $20 million'' is actually in essence a $6.5 million promise.

The Cowboys let the iconic future Hall of Famer go play with nemisis quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Jets rather than match a $6.5 million New York offer?

"As we all know it’s a business,'' Tyron told CBS Sports' Josina Anderson.

Indeed, and the "business'' the Cowboys seem to be in now is about "all in'' for the very short term and then a "Blow It Up!'' effort in a rebuild for 2025.

Dallas officials aren't saying that. But their actions speak louder than their words ... words like those uttered before Tyron's departure by COO Stephen Jones.


"The door is open," said Stephen Jones on Thursday. "Tyron Smith is gonna be a Hall of Fame football player. He's had an amazing career and we certainly haven't shut the door on a continued career here in Dallas. ... He's ... one of the greatest left tackles to play the game. 

"No one feels better about Tyron Smith than this organization.''

Well, apparently the New York Jets do. And Tyron obviously feels good about the Jets in return.

"I still feel like the Jets have an opportunity to win it, and anything I can do for the team to help them out, I’m going to do my best to do it,” said Smith.

Smith, 33 and taking to New York some injury-related baggage (which of course impacted Dallas' goodbye decision) said as of Friday night he hasn't yet spoken with Rodgers - maybe the QB is too busy working on his run to the White House!) - but he is clearly thrilled about the chance to be the four-time MVP's bodyguard. (Maybe Rodgers will name him his "Director of National Security?)

“I feel like it’s going to be amazing,'' Tyron said. "Of course me being with Dallas, he’s kicked our butts twice in the playoffs (back when Rodgers was in Green Bay) so I know what he's capable of. Honestly, I’m just excited about the opportunity.''

An "opportunity'' that as it turns out wasn't much offered by the Joneses.