Does Dallas Cowboys Defense Have A Leadership And Culture Problem?

Cowboys Blitzcast: Dallas' Departures Leave ‘Leadership’ Questions
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FRISCO - They certainly talk the talk. But now, without Sean Lee and Tyrone Crawford, can this Dallas Cowboys defense - which could barely "walk'' last yea - finally figure out how to run?

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Sean Lee announced his retirement from professional football just before the NFL Draft took place. Surely this was no surprise to fans, media or the club, but it left more questions than just who would replace him on the field.

Sean Lee was the heart and soul of this defense and the cliché “coach on the field.'' Also worth mentioning is the now-retired leadership of D-lineman Tyrone Crawford.

So, who steps up?

Will Jaylon Smith or Leighton Vander Esch - two guys who certainly talk about doing it - be able to take on that roll? Maybe Micah Parsons, or is that too much to ask? It’s challenging for a rookie to take on a leadership role ... but Parsons, the Cowboys think, is cut from that sort of cloth. 

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Maybe one of the other defensive starters, like Lawrence, who epitomizes the way the Dallas Cowboys say so many of the right things in terms of leadership ... and then comes a 6-10 season featuring arguably the poorest defensive performance in the history of the franchise.

We can, as observers, suggest the Cowboys have a "culture'' problem. But who among this team's leaders would agree with that? And assuming it is true ... but the leaders don't see it ... how can it ever be fixed?

Let’s discuss!

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