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Mike McDaniel November 21 Takeaways

Checking out the key points of Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel's media session at the Baptist Health Training Complex

Head coach Mike McDaniel addressed the media before the Miami Dolphins practiced at the Baptist Health Training Complex on Monday.

Here were the highlights from McDaniel's press conference:

-- First question, of course, deals with Byron Jones, along with the status of fellow cornerback Keion Crossen. McDaniel says nothing has changed regarding Jones' status, meaning he again won't practice this week. As for Crossen, McDaniel called his status for the Houston game as "pretty up in the air."

-- Back to Jones, McDaniel says he's "hopeful and optimistic" that Jones will be able to play at some point this season.




-- Regarding Myles Garrett's compliment about the Dolphins game plan against Cleveland, McDaniel calls it very flattering but adds that credit belongs to the players.

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-- In terms of using scripts, McDaniel says he usually goes into a game with opening 24 plays (12 runs, 12 passes), not including third downs. There's always. wiggle room in dealing with the script based on how the game is unfolding.

-- Heavy focus this morning on game plans, scripts and the like, and McDaniel now says his biggest influences in terms of preparing for an opponent were Mike Shanahan, Gary Kubiak and Kyle Shanahan. McDaniel says he takes thoughts from his assistants after everybody watches film on the opponent.

-- The Dolphins currently hold first place in the AFC East, but McDaniel doesn't put much stock in it at this point. Compares it to holding a lottery ticket but not checking the winning number. "Is it worth something? I don't know."

-- Brennan Scarlett was signed to the practice squad last week, and McDaniel said he saw a ton of versatility from him during OTAs and training camp.

-- As far as the mood of the team, McDaniel called it a "very cool vibe."

-- The luxury of putting Bradley Chubb, Melvin Ingram and Jaelan Phillips on the field at the same time can help the defense dictate terms to the offense.

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