Why Welker Didn't Care for the Brady Roast, Why He Would Have Been a Good Roaster

The Miami Dolphins wide receivers coach has shown a great comedic side before
Miami Dolphins wide receivers coach before the start of a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.
Miami Dolphins wide receivers coach before the start of a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins wide receivers coach Wes Welker explained this week why he was not necessarily of fan of the Tom Brady Roast on Netflix, and he knows a little something about roasting somebody famous.

The Brady Roast didn't hit the mark for everybody, including Brady himself, who didn't like that some of the jokes hit too close to his children.

For Welker, he couldn't even come up with a favorite joke from the event.

“Not really," he said this week. "I was a little disappointed in the Brady Roast. There was some funny stuff and everything, but you know, it was what it was.”

A few prominent members of the Patriots were on the receiving end of some of the jabs, including Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, and Welker could have found himself in that group as well after he spent six memorable seasons on the receiving end of Brady passes — he averaged 112 catches and almost 1,250 yards from 2007-12 after the Dolphins traded him to New England for second- and seventh-round picks.

“I was not asked to be a presenter," Welker explained. "I was asked to sit on the side and get roasted, which I’m glad I wasn’t there. To each their own, I guess.”


For those who can remember, it was more than a decade ago when Welker was the one doing the roasting — and very well — and taking shots at then-Jets head coach Rex Ryan after his foot fetish became public.

Five days before the Patriots faced the Jets in an AFC playoff game in January 2011, Welker proceeded to have some fun and used all kind of foot references.

Belichick might have a sense of humor — at least some — now that he's not coaching in the NFL, but he certainly didn't at that time and he benched Welker for the first series of that playoff game. Welker ended up leading the team with seven catches that day, but the Patriots ended up losing, 28-21.

One can only wonder whether Welker would have brought up that incident had he been invited to be a speaker at the Brady event — or maybe he would have left it as a footnote in his great playing career.


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